Migraines...medical or mind 'full'??

"Migraine is an inherited tendency to have headaches with sensory disturbance. It's an instability in the way the brain deals with incoming sensory information, and that instability can become influenced by physiological changes like sleep, exercise and hunger." Prof Peter Goadsby (Neurology professor Kings College London, Trustee of the migraine trust)

If you've ever suffered a migraine you will be aware of how debilitating they can be and if you constantly suffer, they can have a hugely adverse effect on work, family and social life.

I have heard on many occasion that 'there is no cure' for such headaches, however I am here to tell you that there ABSOLUTELY IS A CURE!!

If you are prone to migraines (this is often genetic), then common triggers exist...stress, lack of food, alcohol, hormonal changes in women, lack of sleep and the environment. I have worked with many clients who have suffered with migraines and have addressed their stress/ anxiety levels and worked on balancing their lives generally.

The results have been 100% successful!

Their migraines have become a thing of the past! Many people even having suffered for decades, thinking it is something they "just have to live with"

You don't have to live with such pain, you can learn to balance your body and put powerful techniques in place to address it.

If you or anyone you know suffers, please do get in touch!

Any pain should be medically assessed to assure no underlying problem.

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