The trouble with trauma...

I became my own case study a few weeks ago!

Whilst out for a birthday treat, the totally unexpected happened to me! A chemical (allergic) reaction of some sort, from something I ate, sent my system into complete panic and had a hugely negative effect on me to say the least!! I received medical attention instantly and my immediate, dangerous symptoms ceased after a few hours.

What struck me however, was the lasting effect it had on me for quite some time afterwards. Although the doctor and my conscious mind told me I was fine and there was nothing to be worried about, my body was reacting differently, almost of its own accord (?!) and the slightest twinge or reminder of the event brought about similar feelings of anxiety and unease. These were short lived luckily, but unnerving and frightening nevertheless.

It proved to me more than ever how important it is to allow yourself to process trauma.

Time is needed to address issues, for body and mind to settle themselves after a traumatic event and unless this is given, the body is on constant catch up. This in turn causes your brain to link any connected negative emotions, which in time accumulate and negatively affect your well being.

Finding help in these situations is key. Powerful relaxation techniques, desensitising strategies and healing therapy are all needed to balance your body mind once again.

I took the time, had some help and put everything I've learnt and teach my clients into practice and I am now feeling fine again. I haven't forgotten, but I have put it behind me where it belongs!

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