Are your emotions weighing you down?

I have been thinking about one comment I have heard over and over again when working with clients making changes in the past few weeks:

"I feel so much lighter"

It struck me that the weight of emotion can be so debillitating and form many disguises in our every day attitude to life and even physical ability and health.

Emotions caused by grief, sadness, trauma, stress (good or bad) can all build within you, preventing you from moving forwards as you'd like. Making you feel 'heavy'. Unfortunately as with all emotions these can escalate and have very negative knock on effects on all parts of your life including self esteem, confidence, energy, relationships and very often causing physical weight issues and illness.

By becoming aware of such emotion and using the techniques I teach you, the good news is that you can 'lighten your load' often with unexpected ease.

'Emotional baggage' as I've heard it referred to so many times can be packed away where it belongs leaving you the freedom and energy to live the life you choose!

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