Sweet Temptation...

Finding it hard to stick to goals? A diet? An exercise regime? A decent work ethic? Want to do the right thing, but you just keep slipping into bad habits??

A Personal Alignment programme is just what you need!

Bad habits tend to be formed through bad decisions, which are generally made through either lack of knowledge (especially when we're young) or when we are out of balance and in need of assistance to gain some clarity in our thinking and our actions.

Whether it be tiredness, busy life schedule, trauma, or past experience that causes you to make these bad decisions, it is important to move forwards and create new thinking patterns and behaviours that are suitable to you and beneficial to your well being.

Book NOW to make a REAL CHANGE : )

Tel: 0787 6688497

E Mail: alicia@lifecoachingtherapy.co.uk

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