Ama'zzzz'ing Little Girl

My youngest client yet aged just 5 years old showed incredible bravery and intelligence coming and working through what had become a rather extreme phobia.

The phobia developed, following a traumatic experience at school where she was stung by a wasp, which then dropped into her clothes and stung her repeatedly.

This led to her being unable to go anywhere she may encounter wasps, bees, insects and infact anything with wings!

This began to affect both her home and school life as she was genuinely traumatised and found it increasingly difficult to go outdoors at all as well as being affected indoors.

Having been an extremely happy, normal outgoing child previously, this was obviously very worrying for both herself and those around her.

Having participated (brilliantly) in my Personal Alignment programme, which I adjusted carefully for her and with the help and support of a wonderful family, she is now able to lead a happy, normal life again both at home and at school. She also has the added advantage now of increased self confidence and understanding which is beneficial to her in all walks of life.

She was such a delight and a real honour to work with!

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