Free yourself of fear

Going on holiday, but too scared to fly?

Many people get a little uneasy when faced with certain situations such as flying, being in a confined space, being faced with a spider / snake etc... This is a natural, intelligent reaction to something we are aware could potentially cause us harm. It is only when this uneasiness becomes traumatic that it needs addressing. This is then classed as a phobia.

Phobias can be triggered by certain events, or quite often are merely symptoms of being out of balance and having heightened levels of anxiety / stress generally for whatever reason. As your brain is constantly making links, negative emotions can escalate with a snowball effect, causing extreme levels of anxiety and therefore an inability to process things rationally and logically. As this gathers momentum it can actually stop us living the life we should or would like to be living.

The good news is that because our brains link everything, once pointed in the right direction, positive, rational, healing thoughts can also escalate and override any negative emotion.

Anxiety / irrational fear is not something you have to live with! It can be sorted!

My clients are always amazed at how quickly they can change and how powerful the Personal Alignment techniques are leaving lasting results and ultimate freedom of fear.

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