Teenage Anxieties

Adolescent anxieties

Teenage issues are a growing concern. With increased social pressures such as self image and having to achieve seemingly unreachable goals, life can become overwhelming. This, compounded with the usual adolescent worries has led to a rise in teenage depression and in many cases lasting mental health conditions with symptoms including self harm, eating disorders and addictions.

Of late I've come across numerous teenagers who have been prescribed anti depressants by their GP -and yes - medication can be necessary and effective. However, research has found that it can often hide underlying issues and prolong suffering unnecessarily. This is why medical professionals are now referring patients more and more to therapists because it's a positive way of finding the route of a problem and can move teenagers forwards helping them find their way through difficult times.

If low level anxieties are addressed early enough, it can often save a lifetime of hurt.

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