The big 'S' - STRESS - what really IS it and at what point does it become dangerous?

The word 'stress' is thrown around quite flippantly these days. I can't help feel it's almost become trendy! I suppose there is a certain acknowledgement that if you're stressed, you're obviously busy juggling life, fitting in all sorts of important things, busy, busy, busy.... I recently even heard my five year old say his game was 'stressing him out'. Helping the likes of Batman and Robin save Gotham City is not to be jeered at I suppose, it's not easy sorting out strategies to prevent the chaos and destruction those baddies can ensue!

The hype surrounding stress is absolutely justified. In reality however, it is no laughing matter.

So what actually IS stress?

It is when our system becomes overwhelmed by thoughts and situations and produces the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. These put the body in a state of 'high alert' which is overdrive. If continued for long periods it puts too much strain onto our bodies, reduces our ability to function effectively and breaks down immunity and healing power. This over time can lead to serious illness and even death. How stressful?!

For well being it is vitally important it is addressed.

Recognising the signs:

Tiredness, headaches, short temper, racing thoughts, avoiding troubling issues, picking at your skin, nail biting, low concentration, smoking / drinking too much, tearful,

eating too much or too little...

All these are symptoms of stress that can escalate negatively producing anxiety, depression, addictions etc...

Causes can be good or bad, too much work or even too little, organising big events, such as weddings...there are many different reasons for individuals to feel stressed.

You can manage stress before it becomes too late, by becoming aware of these signs and causes and by learning to develop coping strategies, improving emotional resilience.

Don't let stress overtake, contact me now at for powerful, lasting solutions.

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