Life much more than a self indulgent fad

For many years and still somewhat to this day ( although to a far lesser degree) coaching has been mistaken as part of the wishy washy self help American Fad that started up in the 70s. This is indeed where it takes its roots, finding ways to create everlasting positive change. HOWEVER as more and more research is done and hard proven facts appear about the power of coaching, it is becoming recognised as the well structured, methodical, realistic way to develop oneself that it is.

The word 'coaching' originates from the Anglo Saxon word for 'carriage' - a means of transporting something from one place to another. This is a good way to look at coaching.

A coach guides someone from where they are in life to where they want to be.

As much as it might be nice...

A coach is not 'all knowing'

A coach is not a 'Life Guru Extroadinaire.'

A coach does not assume to know exactly what it is someone wants or needs.

Only each individual has this knowledge within them, to know what happiness and success means to them. This is where the power of coaching lies... A coach facilitates them to understand their ways of thinking, make clear decisions, explore possibilities and their own capabilities in order to achieve success, offering support and feedback along the way.

Self help isn't just a self indulgent fad, its an intelligent way of improving what we have and breaking down limiting preconceptions of who we are and what we are capable of.

This in turn provides WELL BEING - " a state characterised by health, happiness and prosperity"

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