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Alicia Benbow - Life Coach and Therapist

Welcome to the launch of Life Coaching Therapy. Please like and share this post amongst friends and family on Facebook. Look out for my regular blogs with select Life Coach tips on making life changing decisions and creating success. I'll also be highlighting types of Therapy I offer and how they benefit symptoms such as stress, anxiety and phobias. In addition I'll be raising current and topical issues around young people and children, relationships, health conditions including mental health and trauma. I'll also be writing newsletters as well as short case studies outlining how a combination of Life Coaching and Therapy is a very effective way of moving life and wellbeing forward positively.

Please feel free to comment, PM me with any questions or contact me for a confidential chat with the view to booking an appointment www.lifecoachingtherapy.co.uk

NB. Some promotional deals will be available during May 2016 - watch out for the offers over the coming weeks.

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